Getting Started

I am a student and I cannot login to My.Mesalands.

If this is your first time logging into My.Mesalands you will need to use your generated username and student default password. 

If you have logged in before you can to reset your password, you will need to know the answers to your security questions.

What is my student username?

Your student username is your first name and last name together with no spaces or other punctuation between them, for example John Doe's username would be johndoe. In rare cases someone else may have been issued your username, try logging in with the generated format, if it doesn't work please contact the help desk to verify your username. 

What is my student default password?

Default passwords are assigned when your account is created in the following format [Upper first initial][Lower last initial][hyphen][Mesalands ID Number] for example John Doe's password would look like: Jd-4300002 

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password by answering your security questions here:

I don't remember the answers to my security questions how do I reset them?

If you have forgotten the answers to your security questions please submit a help desk ticket and we can help you reset them.

How can I submit a ticket to the help desk?

You can submit a ticket online here: or by calling/texting (575) 461-4414 .

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